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Welcome to the Quigley Doyle Family Tree website. I hope you find the information you are seeking from my Quigley-Walker and my wife’s Doyle-Cole family heritages.

I haven’t been adding much over the past two years as I have been consumed by genetic genealogy in an effort to break down two brick walls that have stumped me and many other serious researchers for many years:

• Who was the father of my 6th great grandfather, Philip Quigley , b. ~1703, probably in Ireland?

• Who was the father of my maternal 3rd great grandfather, George H. M. Walker , b. 1793 in Rutherford Co., North Carolina?

With no solid documentation yet found to answer these questions, I have turned to Y-DNA testing as an alternative means of research. Occasional changes in the Y-chromosome, as it is passed down from father to son, can be detected by analytical laboratories and then used to identify the generation of the most recent common paternal ancestor for two close or very distant males.

The most widely-used testing company for this purpose, FamiyTreeDNA , supports group projects where members can compare and share DNA test data and family tree information. I am a volunteer administrator for two such projects at FTDNA:

Quigley Project for testers with Quigley and related surnames, and those who have been shown by testing to biologically descend from Quigleys.

Rutherford NC Burnetts Project for testers related to Burnetts who moved from Brunswick Co., VA, in the late 1700s to Rutherford Co., North Carolina.

These projects, and how they are getting me closer to answering my two brick-wall questions, are described in “stories” Y-DNA and the Hunt for the Father of Philip Quigley and Y-DNA and the Hunt for the Father of George H. M. Walker . Please have a look (and you will understand why a Burnett project is relevant to my search for a Walker).

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